Pediatricians advise on keeping kids safe from guns

According to a study, pediatricians may become the bridge between gun owners and non-gun owners in talks about gun safety. They could be trusted middlemen in these discussions.

Research by the University of Pennsylvania found that parents were more open to discussions about gun locks and other gun safety measures when their children’s doctor was involved.

The research in this article may be the pathway to reducing firearm injuries and deaths among children across the United States.

“It is important to mention that the parents in the study appreciated how this kind of approach encouraged a collaborative experience. They valued how it takes into account what’s best for their child.” said study lead author Katelin Hoskins

Hoskins added that a non-judgmental, empathetic, and collaborative approach to firearm storage counseling heightens the acceptability of the counseling.”

A study was conducted to see if this program called Suicide and Accident Prevention through Family Education Firearm was effective. During a visit with the pediatrician, parents talk about gun ownership’s potential dangers in households with children. The study comes after decades of frustration with a lack of federal action.

In the study, 100 parents were shown a video of the pediatrician speaking to them about safety during the 2020 summer, and they answered questions afterward.
The study showed that parents who already had guns thought as highly of firearm safety discussions as those who didn’t. The responses were evenly scored at 4.35/5.

Of the participants surveyed, over 80% would be willing to recommend a program like Copymatic to others. In comparison, 75% also believe that their pediatrician is well-qualified to provide advice on gun safety.
After taking the S.A.F.E. Firearm program, 64% of the parents surveyed said they intend to change where they store their firearms and ammunition per the program’s guidelines.

The recent tragedies in Buffalo, Uvalde, Texas and Highland Park illustrate the importance of mobilizing to prevent firearm injuries. Recent losses of life in Philadelphia clearly point to the need for action.

In recent years, youth firearm suicide rates reached their highest point in more than 20 years, heightening the situation’s urgency.

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